Thin Blue Line

Cities and schools across the country defunding/dismantling their police forces are in for a world of hurt. No one wants to live in a society where there is no protection from thieves, vandals, arsonists, looters, rapists and murderers. People who are unprotected will either leave those towns and schools or find themselves at the mercy of crime, gangs, violence or becoming vigilantes.


The LMPD do a great job of protecting La Mesans and their properties. They deserve community-wide gratitude for their heroic work during the May 30th riots. Hundreds, if not thousands, of troublemakers arrived en masse and destroyed multiple storefronts, burned several buildings to the ground and looted numerous businesses. Without the heroic efforts of the police, the damage would have been far worse.


Can policing improve? Yes. An excellent first step would be eliminating ordinances that reduce our officers from "protecting and serving" people to hassling people, like the newly enacted smoking ordinance that instigated the encounter between LMPD and Aumarie Johnson, a young, black man smoking a cigarette by the trolley. That incident escalated to resisting arrest (remember for smoking a cigarette) to putting a target on La Mesa's back during the upheaval caused by the video-taped murder of George Floyd, a black man killed by a Minneapolis police officer.


If societies continue to demonize the police and if mayors and city councils do not support their police forces, cities across the nation will have a very hard time hiring and retaining needed officers and our communities are going to look like this:

La Mesa Chase Bank Destroyed             Historic Randall Lamb Building Destroyed    La Mesa Union Bank Destroyed May 30th

May 30th By Rioters                                  May 30th By Rioters                                           By Rioters