The COVID-19 Shutdown

Helping La Mesa Businesses Revive and Thrive Post COVID Shutdown.

We are not in this "all together," as the COVID-19 platitude goes. Government workers and those able to telework have not suffered the economic carnage that millions of private-sector business owners and employees have endured and continue to endure - especially those in the retail and service industry. 

Laura was disappointed that after the initial objective of "flattening the curve," more cities, including La Mesa, didn't seek autonomy from Governor Newsom's more outlandish orders like shutting down parks when common sense and medical experts tell us fresh air and sunshine (Vitamin D) are the best natural disinfectants.

La Mesa's businesses are hurting. Their owners and employees are hurting. Laura fears that in the name of over-protecting people from the Corona Virus, post shutdown regulations will be unbearable to businesses and could change our culture in dismal, un-free ways. What ever happened to self-determination? Our governor has and continues to allow protest crowds while simultaneously banning large groups from enjoying movie theaters, restaurants and bars or students going to school. There will always be viruses and other dangers. People must be trusted to protect themselves and loved ones; the government cannot protect people from every risk.


To help avoid a complete economic collapse, our local government can help with regulatory/permit relief, reduction in business license requirements and fees, fast-tracking the use of outdoor spaces for dining ("parklets" and sidewalks) and shopping, free parking meters the rest of the year, temporary sales tax reduction, emergency loan program for small businesses (See City of Poway) - whatever the city can do to help La Mesa's businesses reopen and thrive, they must do.


As a huge proponent of personal freedoms and a business-friendly member of La Mesa's City Council, Laura's first priority would be:

HELP BUSINESSES revive and thrive during the shutdown and post shutdown.

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