Regulatory Relief

Laura will work to bring regulatory relief to La Mesans

Nearly 100 years ago, the Empire State Building was built in one year and 45 days. The structure is 103 stories and measures 2,734,000 square feet for an average of 6,668 square feet built per day.

Contrast that with a lovely but modest home built in La Mesa in 2017. 


This home was built in one year and one month (almost exactly the same amount of time it took to build the Empire State Building). This home is two stories and measures 2,557 square feet for an average of six square feet built per day.

With state-of-the-art computers and far superior equipment, WHY do we build 1,000 times slower than a century ago?!? A clue: per the original owner, construction was halted on the La Mesa house for 10 days due to a step on the back porch being 1/2" too high. Ironically, when fixed, the step became a trip hazard.

Over-regulation is costly, reduces freedoms and slows the economy. Regulation compliance has become the bane of homeowners expanding/improving their homes (and by default their neighborhoods) and for businesses opening their doors and keeping them open.


Laura will work to bring regulatory relief to La Mesans by auditing La Mesa's regulations (informal audit currently underway) and discerning if any are stricter than regulations coming out of Sacramento. If so, she will work with city personnel and her fellow council members to see which regulations could be eliminated.

One shouldn't need a permit to move an outlet, install a light fixture, light a candle at the office, staple construction paper, use a temporary ladder on a sidewalk or give a pickleball lesson. Likewise, it shouldn't take multiple maddening trips to the Building Department to build a 20x24 box of a garage with no plumbing or windows.

What if La Mesa became a "Sanctuary City" for businesses: must have an appointment for state inspections. There must be a verifiable complaint before an inspection can take place.

A La Mesa salon was fined $1,000!!! because an inspector found old brow tint in a storage closet. That is the definition of a shakedown.

If elected to City Council, Laura would advocate for residents and businesses struggling with government overreach.