Laura Lothian for La Mesa

As a long-time resident of our city, a three-time mom, businesswoman, activist, and volunteer, I know I can use my skills to make La Mesa a better city for everyone.

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For a Better La Mesa

Clean Up the Streets

Together, we can end homelessness, remove graffiti, and clean up the trash so we can be proud of our city!

Stop the Mileage Tax

La Mesa politicians want to raise the sales tax yet again – and impose a Mileage Tax on each mile you drive. I will lead the fight against ANY tax hikes! Our cost of living is too high already!

Support Small Businesses

On the City Council, let's cut regulations and unfair mandates that destroy jobs and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Keep You Safe

It's critical we support our police and and give them the tools they need to combat the alarming recent rise in criminal activity.

About Laura Lothian

Laura Lothian is a long-time resident of La Mesa, a current member of the La Mesa City Council, a well-known small business owner in our community, and serves on several boards. Her most important job? She is the mom of three young adults who attended La Mesa Dale Elementary, La Mesa Middle School, Helix, and Grossmont High Schools.

Laura is proud of the council work she is doing on behalf of La Mesa families and small businesses including being a roadblock to the unpopular mileage tax, supporting the La Mesa Police Department, notably improving La Mesa's permit process, successfully protecting the rights of law-abiding La Mesans, prompting City Hall to stop purchasing and throwing away disposable plastic water bottles, drastically reducing organic recycling fines for residents and businesses, and converting an underutilized tennis court at La Mesita to four pickleball courts!

Laura started her La Mesa real estate career in a small office on University Avenue, La Mesa in 2002. Through hard work, dedication to doing the best job for her clients, and a flair for marketing, Laura has become one of La Mesa's top real estate agents and enjoys the distinction of having sold the most homes in La Mesa these last 20 years. Laura chose La Mesa to be her forever home because of its charm, beauty, small-town vibe, and safety.

Laura has been accessible and responsive to all of her constituents while fighting to advance her four priorities of 1) Keeping Communities Safe 2) Opposing Tax Hikes – Especially the Mileage Tax 3) Supporting Small Businesses and 4) Cleaning Up the Streets. Her mantra is "Keeping it Local: Police, Permits and Potholes!"